Days of Diversity Series: Understanding the Healthcare Needs of Women

On January 24th, the Days of Diversity Committee hosted “Understanding the Healthcare Needs of Women” to initiate a meaningful and focused discussion on the topic of women’s health among RVU’s students. Despite numerous advances in access and quality of healthcare services, women around the world still face many challenges when it comes to addressing their healthcare needs. These needs include maternal health and reproductive health as well as issues such as breast and cervical cancer, and domestic and sexual violence. Female patients can encounter additional challenges if there are language and/or cultural barriers present.

During the first half of the event, students rotated between five booths hosting activities centered on topics such as “Women as Patients”, “Women in Leadership”, and “Men as Allies”. The activities also served as preparation for the second half of the event which featured a game of Jeopardy and tested students’ knowledge of women and women’s healthcare needs. For the “Global Women’s Health” category, students correctly answered that the average woman in the developing world dies of childbirth at the age of 25. For the “History of Women” category, students correctly answered that Margaret Craighill became the first female physician to receive an Army commission in 1943. Students on the team with the most points took home a Starbucks gift card as their prize.

The last Days of Diversity Series event, “Cultures and their Interpretation of Healthcare”, will take place on Tuesday, March 19.

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