Encouraging Open Minds and Conversations with Days of Diversity

DSC_0085 Despite the dreary December weather, RVU had something special (and tasty!) to look forward to: the “Feast of Flavors.” In Colorado, students and employees prepared cultural dishes that held special significance to them: Channa salad, corn chowder, “Mom’s Meatloaf,” and Quesillo were among the dishes. In Utah, there were over 20 dishes prepared from 15 different countries including Japanese curry, spaetzle and sausage, kugel, and empanadas.

CulturalFeastof Flavors05

“The Feast of Flavors was an awesome opportunity for all of us to show off our heritage in the form of home-cooked food,” said Austen Anderson, OMS I. “The Days of Diversity Committee felt it would be a great way for people to not only share their own cultures, but also to learn about the amazing cultures we have represented on our campus. We appreciate everyone who participated and hope this event helped to create some new connections between those of us who call RVU our home!”

The Days of Diversity series was created by the Diversity Committee as a University-wide, ongoing series which would encourage students (and employees) to “discover the world around us and the world within us” and raise their awareness about the unique challenges and perspectives of the diverse populations they will treat as physicians.


Following the Feast of Flavors, the next event at RVU-CO was “Feeling Like a Fish Out of Water,” where students discussed their experiences with medical missions in such countries as Bolivia, Ecuador, Kenya, and even Fiji. They talked about how they applied their skills and knowledge to become more socially conscious physicians-in-training. February’s event, “Broadening Your Spiritual Horizons,” delved deeper into religious diversity. Students representing Collegium Aesculapium, Christian Medical and Dental Association, and Muslim Student Association presented on their religious beliefs and discussed how these beliefs could be beneficial as physicians. Participants were given t-shirts that said, “Ask Me Anything,” to encourage open communication, tolerance, and an exchange of information.DSC_0020

RVU-SU held a panel discussion, “Workplace Diversity,” which focused on the topic of LGBTQ in the workplace, with several community leaders answering questions and talking about their own experiences. The Days of Diversity series will be closing with ceremonies on April 19th at the Colorado location and April 23rd in Utah.

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