Young Doctors: A Dental Care Workshop for Elementary Students

On Friday, November 6th, Rocky Vista University (RVU) and Plumb Dental, a family dental clinic located in St. George, Utah, teamed up to donate 50 dental kits to local elementary school students. The dental kits were used as part of a virtual workshop about dentistry as a profession, which was presented by Richard Whitehead, DDS, a member of RVU-SU’s Executive Advisory Council (EAC) and a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology.

Elementary school students participate in a Young Doctors Program event in February 2020.

During the workshop, Dr. Whitehead reviewed different dental specialties and discussed how cavities form, tooth anatomy, common hiding places for bacteria in the mouth, and how to eliminate bacteria. Prior to the virtual presentation, Dr. Whitehead, who is also one of the pioneers in the field of dental implants and transplants in Southwestern Utah, delivered the dental kits to the participating schools, Santa Clara Elementary and Arrowhead Elementary.

“One of the goals of the Young Doctors Program is to show the students that they can have a future in the world of healthcare,” said Trevar Dahl, OMS II, Co-President of the Young Doctors Program. “The dental kits allowed the students to have hands-on application of what they learned from Dr. Whitehead’s lesson. We hope that the students remember these moments in the future when they are deciding on their potential careers.”

Plumb Dental’s William Plumb and Trevor White first donated the kits in 2019 as part of a partnership with Dr. Whitehead.

Recently, the elementary school students graduated from the Young Doctors Program in a virtual ceremony.

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