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We would love to post your news! Here are some ideas for posts:

  • Club events (both upcoming events and recaps)
  • Major life news (birth, marriage, adoption, marathon, etc.)
  • Any achievement or accomplishment (presentations, awards, research)
  • Thoughts on your experiences in medical school, residency, or the osteopathic profession
  • Editorials about health care issues or special topics relating to health care
  • Updates on departments or clubs
  • Photos from your rotations and residencies
  • Photos of on-campus events
  • And any other contributions you can think of!

All posts will be reviewed prior to posting. We will review and publish posts within 48 hours (though we aim for a turnaround of only a couple hours). For the most part, we will only make minor changes to your post (such as fixing grammatical or spelling errors or writing out acronyms) prior to publishing. However, if we make bigger changes (such as taking out inappropriate content or if something is incorrect), we will contact you before publishing. Additionally, if we cannot publish your post at all, we will contact you with the reason.

Anonymous posts are discouraged. This blog is about building community, not hiding behind anonymity. For this reason, as well, any posts deemed hateful or negative will not be published.

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