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About the Podcast

Ross Tanick, OMS III

Primary Care Podcast—created by Ross Tanick, OMS III—“explores stories, journeys, opinions, and philosophies told by doctors working in primary care.” Each episode includes an interview with a different physician from various backgrounds and specialties as they share their experiences in medical school, residency, and beyond. Whether you are in medical school, considering a career in medicine, find the industry interesting, or are already practicing in the field, there is useful information and insight that can be gleaned.

Listeners can submit questions to SD Tanick and the week’s guest speaker. All sorts of topics are viewed including but not limited to: cannabis medicine, physical therapy, mental health, pain and addiction, lifestyle medicine, pediatrics, chronic disease, preventative medicine, and patient education. Every episode includes a detailed description of the conversations and the categories that will get reviewed. The podcast can serve as a reputable resource for research projects or simply entertainment. “To me, hearing doctors’ personal stories is so revealing and so important to understanding their entire life and career,” says SD Tanick.

The Mission Statement: Explore the World of Medicine through the Primary Care Specialties.

SD Tanick’s inspiration for creating this podcast stems from the encouragement of a classmate (Michael Klepadlo, OMS IV), and a professor (Dr. Jill Pitcher, Professor of Family Medicine) during his first year at RVUCOM. Launching the podcast was a relatively easy process, considering he already owned most of the studio recording and editing equipment he needed to start. He fully produces each episode, a process that begins by researching the topic of the month, then recording, creating music transitions, and editing.

Since early 2019, the podcast has gained traction worldwide, with listeners in over 20 countries. It was recently featured on Feedspots’ list of “Top 15 Primary Care Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020.” The Primary Care Podcast can be accessed on various platforms including Apple, Anchor, Spotify, Stitcherand others.

Exploring a Few Episodes and Topics

Dr. Tiemdow Phumiruk – Pediatrics: Dr. Dow discusses her passion for the pediatric medical specialty and shares her experiences with other practices in the medical field. She is also a prolific artist and children’s literature author. This episode goes over her experiences with pediatric emergency medicine, post-clinical teaching tactics, outpatient practice, and primary care. She also shares her inspirations and detours in her career. Today, she is an adjunct Professor of Clinical Medicine at Rocky Vista University.

Dr. David Gordon – Part 2 – Cannabis Medicine: Dr. Tanick invites Dr. Gordon to talk about how he practices cannabis medicine, the research and literature on this emerging field, comparisons to pharmaceuticals, and much more! Dr. Gordon is the founder of 4 Pillars Health and Wellness where he practices Functional Medicine. Additionally, he is a board-certified Internist and a Cannabis and Integrative Medicine Specialist. This episode is perfect for those who are curious about the topic and are considering incorporating cannabis into their practice.

Dr. Andreas Edrich – Part 1: This episode covers mental health and addiction with Dr. Edrich, a board-certified family physician and addiction medicine specialist. You’ll hear about how Dr. Edrich began focusing on mental health and depression, treatments, and exploration in his previous work. He is the founder of Medical Director of Heritage Hills Addiction Medicine and Mental Health.

Dr. Beatriz Linn: Featured in this episode are captivating stories told by Dr. Linn about the time she was nearly abducted by guerillas during the Colombian drug war in the 1980s, assassinations, and overcoming obstacles in her journey of becoming a physician! Dr. Linn is a board-certified Internal Medicine doctor at the Rocky Vista Health Center. She also teaches residents at the HealthOne Internal Medicine Residency Program at Sky Ridge Medical Center.

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