Advocacy in Action

Written by Catherine Lewis Saenz, Communications Coordinator

On February 2, the Utah State Capitol opened its doors to medical students as part of Doctors Day, sponsored by the Utah Medical Association. The students were introduced formally in the Utah State Senate chambers to the Senators and received a rousing welcome.

At a luncheon with Utah physicians and key legislators, RVUCOM students were briefed on three House bills—Optometrist Practice Amendments (H.B. 224), Medication Dispenser Amendments (H.B. 301), and the Utah Medical Candor Act (H.B. 344)—and two Senate Bills— Children’s Health Coverage Amendment (S.B. 158) and the Anesthesiologist Assistant Licensing Act (S.B. 121). The bills ranged in topics from a Medicaid expansion for children in the state to provisions for physicians to dispense legal drugs from their practices. Afterward, students further received a behind-the-scenes look at the legislative process by visiting various committees discussing all five bills.

Pictured top, on the steps leading to the Supreme Court: (front row) Dr. Thomas N. Told; Rakael Brown, OMS III; Kristin Kopystynsky, OMS III; Shannon McKim, OMS III; and, Dr. Noel Nye, President of the Utah Medical Association; (back row) Will Byrne-Quinn, OMS III; Julian Ortiz, OMS III; Elliott Davis, OMS III. Not pictured: Adam Berry, OMS II; Lawsen Parker, OMS II.

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