Campus Tours Return With Virtual Undergraduate Visit

David Ross, DO hosted a virtual RVU campus visit

On January 5th, Rocky Vista University and David Ross, DO, Director of Rural & Wilderness Medicine Track, hosted a virtual campus visit for undergraduate students enrolled in the Healthcare Interest Program (HIP). Heather Ferrill, DO, Dean of RVUCOM, and Dr. Ross welcomed the students and gave a short overview of RVU’s programmatic offerings, as well as talked about the differences between an osteopathic and an allopathic physician. The guided virtual tour of the Colorado campus was recorded prior to the event and led by three student doctors.

After the video tour, Sarah Neguse, MS, PA-C, Assistant Professor of PA Studies, and Whitney Lambarri, MS, PA-C, Assistant Professor of PA Studies, spoke in-depth about the Physician Assistant (PA) Program. There were fast facts about the program, including what a PA is and the difference between a PA and a nurse practitioner. Luke Paik, a current PA student, then answered questions from prospective students, ranging from why he decided on PA school to what specialty he chose.

Heather Ferrill, DO, Dean of RVUCOM welcomed prospective students

From there, the topic shifted to the MSBS Program, with Joel Roberts, PhD, Assistant MSBS Program Director, and Vickie Roettger, MD, Co-director of the Global Medicine Track, answering questions from the undergraduate students. Drs. Roberts and Roettger focused on the academics, and personal experiences, and qualities needed to help with student goals, as well as how the students can improve their applications for post-baccalaureate programs. MSBS student Patrick (Ricky) Oshakuade shared his thoughts and reasons for choosing the program first instead of going straight into a full-blown medicine program.

Dr. Ross then introduced the College of Osteopathic Medicine and gave his own background and experience as a physician in the emergency department. An Dang, PhD, Assistant Professor Clinical Anatomy, continued, going into more detail about RVU’s campuses and the curriculum Dr. Dang also spoke about the boards you take after each year, beginning the second year, as well as goals for students in residency. Nadira Martin, OMS II, talked about why she chose RVU and her own feelings about the program.

Ricky Oshakuade shares his experience at RVU

Last but not least, Ashley Farmer-Hanson, PhD, Associate Dean for Student Life, introduced the Department of Student Affairs, while Karen Robinson, MS, LPC, NCC, Mental Health & Wellness Counselor, discussed counseling and therapy for students as well as academic advising. Cyndi Windecker, Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment, wrapped up with an introduction to the Department of Admissions, answering questions about the process and the dates for applications.

The virtual visit concluded with several breakout sessions attended by current and prospective students, where they discussed more in-depth medical school or graduate experiences and any other questions the undergraduate students might have.

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