Class of 2021 Graduates Reflect on Their Time at RVU

Emily Anderson, DO ’21 (Southern Utah Campus)

“Thank you to all of you, my colleagues: for teaching me, for your friendship, for your examples of commitment to your goals—and for your future curbside advice!”

Julia Aguirre, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“To my classmates-turned-friends: thank you for memories spent both laughing and crying and for exploring so much of Denver and the mountains with me.”

Julia Aguirre, DO ’21, exploring the mountains of Ecuador with classmates.

Julian Carrier, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“I would…like to thank the entire teaching faculty at RVU for their dedication to medical education.”

Alec Espeland, DO ’21(Colorado Campus)

“To my friends, the dawgs who dance in the nighttime, I love you to death! You truly made medical school so much fun and I can’t wait to start this next journey together!”

John Evans, DO ’21 (Southern Utah Campus)

“To my classmates, thank you for motivating me to be better and strive for excellence. To the faculty and staff, thank you for your instruction and guidance.”

Robert Garrett, DO ’21 (Southern Utah Campus)

“To my kool classmates, thank you for pushing me to do my best and having a lot of laughs along the way. You have been great friends to me, and I know you will be amazing physicians. So many of you have helped me get to this point. Thank you for the many acts of kindness that have been so helpful over the years. I love and appreciate you all!”

Robert Garrett, DO ’21, comments on his thoughts during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Martha Gordon, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“To my colleagues-turned-friends-turned-mentors-and role-models: I am honored to be crossing this finish line with some of the most incredible people I have met in my lifetime. Together, we created pockets of community, support, acceptance, and love that will long outlive our presence together at RVU.”

Tyson Hamilton, DO ’21 (Southern Utah Campus)

“I’d like to thank all the great staff and faculty at RVU, as well as all my fellow classmates, who all made medical school such a great experience.”

Michal Klepadlo, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“The transformation from student to the clinician is life-changing. I am thankful to those who made this transition easier.”

Stephen Lee, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“I would not have had any fun in medical school without my wonderful classmates! Their friendship, support, and motivation have been unparalleled. I look forward to reminiscing and growing along with each of my classmates as we enter this amazing profession!”

Miguel Lopez, DO ’21 (Southern Utah Campus)

“I like to thank the RVU Faculty and Staff for their support and efforts in our education and success.”

Andrew Phan, DO ’21 (Southern Utah Campus)

“I am grateful for everyone I have met and befriended at RVU and look forward to what we will all accomplish in our future lives as doctors!”

Sheila Ortega, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“To my fellow medical students, who walked through the trenches with me, held out their hand for support, and reassured me that we would make it to this exact moment and beyond—we did it!”

Sarah Pederson, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“Thank you to my wonderful peers, teachers, and preceptors for helping me grow and making me into a doctor; these last four years have been just as much fun as they were educational!”

Sarah Pederson, DO ’21, and Dr. Camille Bentley, Chair of the Dept. of Tracks and Special Programs.

Richard Rodriguez-Brizuela, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“A special thanks to my friends, fellow Fellows, and classmates for all the moments of laughter and for encouraging me throughout the challenges we encountered in medical school. To all the faculty and preceptors at RVUCOM that helped me become a better version of myself!”

Clare Rudman, DO ’21 (Southern Utah Campus)

“I would like to thank our faculty and staff who were with us from the very beginning of our days as the inaugural [Southern Utah] class, helping us through the ‘growing pains.’”

Katerina Skedros, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“Thank you to my fellow RVU classmates who have made medical school such a fun, memorable experience. I’m grateful to have formed life-long friendships with some of the brightest and best people who are going to be amazing doctors. I’m so excited to see where life takes us!”

Haley Shumway, DO ’21 (Southern Utah Campus)

“Thank you for being such a great class and loving and supporting me at all times, I am grateful for all of the lifelong friendships and memories I have because of all of you.”

Sterling Stolle, DO ’21 (Southern Utah Campus)

“Being part of the inaugural class was not easy at times but I felt that the staff and administration always did everything possible to watch out for us students. I appreciate all of your efforts and am proud of the training I received!”

Andrew Tobler, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“To anyone at school who offered help, asked how I was doing, or just wanted to play a game of ping-pong. We did it. Cheers!”

Jake Van Weezep, DO ’21 (Southern Utah Campus)

“Wonderful teachers, coaches, and mentors at every level, and all the faculty at RVU for helping me make it here today.”

Jake Van Weezep, DO ’21, learns new skills with the Cut Suit(R)

Jordan Wilkes, DO ’21 (Colorado Campus)

“Graduating from medical school is only made possible by having the right people in place to get you where you need to go.”

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