Days of Diversity Series: Dances from Around the World


DSC_0007RVU-CO kicked off its Days of Diversity Series on Thursday, October 25th with “Dances from Around the World”. Hosted by RVU’s Days of Diversity Committee, students learned about traditional and modern dances, including the Salsa of Spain, the Bhangra of Punjab, and Korean Pop. Students and faculty alike spent the entire hour learning different dance steps taught by first and second year students. By experiencing cultures through dance, students enrich their physician training through more exposure to different worldviews and lifestyles. This will help them to compassionately and collaboratively treat their future patients in a world that is increasingly becoming more diverse and connected.

The series originated during a Gays, Lesbians, and Allies (GLAM) club meeting with the goal of breaking down cultural barriers and celebrating and recognizing the diversity present on campus. Originally a one-week event, Days of Diversity has evolved into a year-long program with multiple events throughout the school year. This new format keeps students engaged in the process of deconstructing cultural biases and helps them integrate take-away lessons from the series into their courses. Future events in the series include the “International Feast of Flavors” on November 8th and “Understanding the Healthcare Needs of Women” on January 15th.

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