Get. Your. Fix. Endorphins

Get up and get moving! That was the message of the six-month-long series called Endorphin Fix which included exercise, dance, and meditation. As a busy medical student or UPower_Workout_Endorphin_Fix6niversity employee, it’s easy to shirk exercise as frivolous or unnecessary. Yet regular exercise can control problems with heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardiovascular problems. The Department of Student Affairs, Physical Activity Peer Mentors, and Wellness Committee joined forces to encourage physical and mental health for all RVUers.

In December, students danced away the seasonal slump at the Snowflake Jam, where they learned the heart-racing art of Zumba. The following month, RVU-CO students practiced 7-Power_Workout_Endorphin_Fix16Minute Power Workouts, brief exercises that can be squeezed in ahead of an exam, while RVU-SU students enjoyed Comedy Hour, a night of stand-up, improv, and memes to boost the serotonin.

In February, RVU-CO zoned out for meditations and stretches at Find Your Zen. The following month, RVU-SU took Endorphin Fix into the lobby with an indoor game of spikeball. RVU-CO students learned Deskercises, which could be done from their own auditorium seat in the middle of an intense lecture.

DSC_0039April will bring the end of the Endorphin Fix series—but hopefully not the end of students getting their own endorphin fixes! To conclude the series, RVU-CO will participate in Feel Like Dancin’ where they will learn to dance like pros. Participants are eligible to win fabulous prizes, such as a gym membership or a Magic Bullet.

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