Global Medicine Outreach Club Awards Scholarships

The Global Medical Outreach Club awarded four $300 scholarships to help fund medically-related trips. The recipients of the scholarships were second-year students Taylor Harp, Andrew Merelman, Steven Pilarski, and Kailey Stiles. SDs Pilarski and Merelman traveled to Zambia with the organization, African Impact, where they provided care and taught classes on public health topics, such as disease prevention.

Using the scholarship money (along with money from their fundraiser, Collection for a Cause), SDs Harp and Stiles (pictured at above) traveled to El Paso, Texas to set up a more streamlined triaging program at refugee centers. The refugees they worked with include some of the most vulnerable members of society—children, single mothers, victims of domestic abuse, and other victims of persecution and trauma. They also conducted research on the most common illnesses to enter the U.S. through these centers. “Thank you to the RVU community for your contribution to this successful fundraiser that made a difference in many individuals’ lives,” said SD Stiles.

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