Graduates Celebrate With a Week of Activities

The week prior to graduation is one of the busiest times of the year for both the students and the staff, packed with nostalgic get-togethers, familial obligations, last-minute paperwork, and finally, commencement itself. To kick off the week-long celebration, the Class of 2015 attended a Denver Outlaws Pro Lacrosse Game, an activity that captured the Colorado atmosphere these students had grown to love over the last four years of their schooling. Graduates and their families toured the Sports Authority Field at Mile High and were provided with field-level seating and photo opportunities on the field after the game. “This was a unique experience,” said Ryan Greene, DO ’15. “We wanted to leave a positive lasting memory of all the wonderful things that Denver has to offer.”

Military students received a special treat during the week: the cake-cutting ceremony, a long-standing tradition in the military. The students first listened to a speech by Lieutenant General Douglas J. Robb, DO, Director of the Defense Health Agency. His talk focused on the realities of medicine in the military and the many advances the military has made, including quicker response times and shipments of newer blood to aid in saving patients. Douglas Robinson, OMS-IV, noted, “The evolution of healthcare is unmatched within the armed forces. It was enlightening to hear General Robb discuss the defining innovations of war time medicine and the substantial impact that military providers have had and will continue to have on the civilian sector.” Many students commented that the speech was very motivating: “General Robb did an amazing job of casting the future vision for the entire Department of Defense,” Peter Gertonson, DO ’15, said, “while simultaneously encouraging and motivating us to be excited about our current role and function.”

As the week wound down (and commencement drew nearer), RVUCOM hosted an on-campus picnic event for all graduates, their loved ones, and faculty and staff. This fun, informal setting included lots of activities for everyone, as well as a delicious barbecue buffet. RVUCOM graduate, Danelle Wilson, DO ’15, said, “I thought it was an awesome event. It provided a wonderful opportunity for friends and family of the graduates to tour the school and meet the faculty.”

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