Mental Health Awareness Month: Coloring Book Giveaway

For Mental Health Awareness Month, RVU will be highlighting the importance of focusing on one’s mental health, especially during these challenging and uncertain times. Throughout the month of May, RVU will share prompts, blog posts, and other resources to encourage the RVU community to support one another in this endeavor.

Those who participate will also be entered in a Giveaway Drawing. Every week, one to two individuals will be selected at random to receive a RVU coloring book (a great tool for mindfulness!).

You can submit your responses in this post’s comment section, social media posts on the Colorado Campus Facebook and Southern Utah Campus Facebook pages, or via email to The winners will also be displayed on the RVU Blog!

Laura Aston, Incoming Class of 2024

“Give yourself a basic schedule, and stick to it. I’ve found it helps my mind by giving myself a basic sense of purpose. Mine looks like: wake up at 8:00 AM, prepare breakfast and coffee, free time, prepare lunch for myself and husband, free time, prepare dinner, workout, free time. For the ‘free times’ I give myself goals each evening to complete the next day. It’s simple but effective in staving off feelings of despair by giving a sense of control.”

Submit your answers in the comment section below!

Kaitlynn Tennant, OMS I

“Public Library card, blanket, and tea. 🙂 Never running out of relaxing books.”

George Marsh, Front Desk Security Officer

“A happy smile.”

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