New Mental Health Resource for Students and Their Households

Written by Kären Robinson, MS, LPC, NCC, Mental Health and Wellness Therapist

RVU recently began a contract with WellConnect to further support student mental health and wellness. WellConnect offers in-the-moment support from a licensed mental health clinician, as well as access to three free scheduled, professional counseling sessions per presenting concern with their network of providers. WellConnect also offers a whole host of free wellness services including health coaching, legal consultation, and student/life services that can help with housing, food insecurity, childcare concerns, and much more. Lastly, WellConnect also offers a dedicated FAST line for faculty and staff to consult about students of concern.

Because we know that our RVU students are whole people who may be living with spouses, children, partners, parents, and roommates, all of these services are also available to any member of an RVU student’s household free of charge. This contract is exciting for several reasons: 1) it increases access to mental health services for students who may be out of their campus state doing clinical experiences; 2) it expands services to household members; 3) it includes more services to alleviate stress and support wellbeing in all of its dimensions; and 4) it also expands consultation coverage for faculty and staff who may be concerned about the wellness of an RVU student to 24 hours a day.

WellConnect does not share any information back with RVU without a release of information from the client with the exception of de-identified utilization numbers. Their clinicians are bound by state law and ethical code to protect their clients’ confidentiality (just like your campus Mental Health and Wellness Therapists). The WellConnect phone line is available 24/7/365 by calling 866-640-4777. The FAST Line is available by calling 844-208-7070. For more information, see and use the code RVU.

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