Office of Admissions Hosts Events

The Office of Admissions held Second Look Day events on both campuses to familiarize prospective students and applicants who had been accepted into RVUCOM with the Colorado and Southern Utah campuses, offering them a “second look” at the program offerings and features of the University. Visitors to both campuses participated in a variety of activities and met with faculty and future classmates. At one of the most popular events of the day on the Colorado campus, twenty student clubs and organizations held workshops and information sessions as part of the Club Fair. During demonstrations by the Emergency Medicine and Ultrasound Clubs, students were introduced to ultrasound techniques and to Noelle, the birthing simulator. They also met one of RVU’s therapy dogs, talked to the Parker Chamber of Commerce, learned about rotations and residencies, and participated in a Q&A with RVU Ambassadors and the Student Government Association. A discussion panel with faculty members touched on how to cope with imposter syndrome and other issues that medical students may face, as well as their availability to help students and the strength of having one building on campus where faculty and students interact multiple times a day.

On the Southern Utah campus, Fellows held an Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine demonstration and hosted a lunch event with the Spouses and Partners Club. In addition to Second Look Day, RVUCOM-SU opened its doors to high school seniors from local school districts for the annual Pre-Med Academy. This is a unique opportunity for seniors to experience a mini medical school. Students attended lectures, labs, case studies and workshops taught by our faculty members, alongside our medical students. The high school students had an introduction to Osteopathic Medicine, Physiology, Anatomy, Ultrasound, Standardized Patients, Clinical Medicine and more.

Earlier in the year, the Office of Admissions also hosted a Multi-COM Fair and Expo where premed students met with student doctors, faculty and staff, and other visiting Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine to learn about the osteopathic medical field. The premed students were kept busy throughout the day with discussion panels, breakout sessions, ultrasound and Osteopathic Principles and Practices demonstrations that offered an in-depth look at RVUCOM’s offerings.

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