Pinning Ceremony Honors Student Leaders

Students from RVU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) and Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) program were honored during a Leadership Pinning Ceremony on Wednesday, March 20th. The ceremony, hosted by the Department of Student Affairs, recognized students who have gone above and beyond in their service to the University and to their fellow classmates as leaders, mentors, and tutors. Special awards were also given to students who exemplified RVU’s Core Values of excellence, integrity, and collegiality.

The following students and clubs were recognized during the ceremony:

2017-2018 Student Government Association

  • Matthew McMaster
  • Jared Keele
  • Kristen Lipe
  • Andrew Glerum
  • Jesse Shulman
  • Keaton Maguire
  • Tyler Crawley
  • Frank Dang, OMS II President
  • Joseph Nathanson, OMS I President
  • Anna Belits, MSBS President
  • Tesia Kolodziejcyk, Honor Code President

2018-2019 Student Government Association

  • Joseph Nathanson
  • Remi Boudreau
  • Hannah Klopf
  • Sara Linza-Moscati
  • Adam George
  • Onilia Zorio
  • Kate Fitzgerald
  • Emily Williams, Honor Code President

Wellness Leaders

  • Keaton Maguire, Officer of Wellness SGA
  • Aaron Wu
  • Mary Savarese
  • Kat Inzer
  • Kate Fitzgerald
  • Annie Szmanda

Peer Coaches

  • Claudia Aniol
  • Jacob Barnes
  • Jason Christy
  • Matthew Hammond
  • Sean Knight
  • Noelle Liska
  • Lindsay Millhorn
  • Sheila Ortega
  • Annie Szmanda
  • Gage Williamson

2018 Orientation Leaders

  • Austen Anderson
  • Frank Dang
  • Cyprien Jungels
  • Jessica Montalban
  • Jason Christy
  • Matthew Hammond
  • Colleen Maher
  • Annie Szmanda

2019 Orientation Leaders

  • Camry Kelly
  • Chris Hadjialiakbari
  • Diana Kim
  • Gracie Swanberg
  • Joshua Bridge
  • Theresa Sanborn
  • Valentina Sarksian
  • Amanda Brodeur
  • Christine Walhmeier
  • Connor Farnham
  • Eric Hjaltalin
  • James Dolan
  • Rasa Rafie
  • Toni Nicastro
  • Yuliya Hartenbower

Mental Health Advocates

  • Karl Reicken
  • Sarah Pederson
  • Audrey Jaeger
  • Alissa Lenz
  • Tanya Robinson
  • Jesse Shulman
  • Naz Dubchak

DO & MSBS Peer Mentors

Days of Diversity Ambassadors

2018 OMS, MSBS, & PA Class Council Leaders

2019-2020 Class Council Leaders


The following students were honored with awards for excellence in service:

Andrew Glerum, OMS II – Excellence in Communications Award

Keaton Maguire, OMS II – Excellence in Promoting Social Wellness Award

Noelle Liska, OMS II – Careers in Medicine Peer Coach of the Year

Nick Chapman, OMS II – Prairie Dog Progress Award

Keleka Blair, OMS II – Social Justice Award

Elesa Yihdego, OMS II – Medical Minorities Advocate Award

Karl Riecken, OMS II – Outstanding Service in Mental Health

Zoe Gordon, OMS I – Excellence in Mental Health Peer Support

Sarah Pederson, OMS II – Excellence in Mental Health First Aid Student Impact

Audrey Jaeger, OMS II – Visionary Leadership in Career Advancement

Kelsey Boghean, OMS II – Exceptional Professional of the Year Award

Jen Daniels, OMS II – Legacy Achievement Award

Elizabeth Kuge, OMS I – Emerging Leader of the Year Award

Gage Williamson, OMS II – Service in Tutoring Award

Ashley Hooper, OMS II – Dedication in Tutoring Award

Kristin Lipe, OMS II – Collegiality in Tutoring Award

Emma Vaudreuil, OMS II – Collaboration & Organization in Tutoring Award

Jessica Restad, OMS II – Innovation in Tutoring Award

Congratulations to all!

To see more photos from the event, visit the RVU Facebook page.

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