Play-Doh, Gardening, and Essential Oils at DO Day of Wellness

Students took a break from their busy schedules to put their Play-Doh sculpting and coloring skills to the test during RVU’s DO Day of Wellness. A common theme during the school year, wellness and activities that promote its different components are an important part of developing a healthy work/life balance, especially during the medical school years. While they may seem elementary, interactive activities like molding Play-Doh and coloring help to declutter the mind and reduce stress, enhancing one’s intellectual and emotional wellness.

The event also focused on other components of wellness – physical, occupational, social, environmental, and financial – through various interactive and fun activities. In between eating delicious food served at the event and catching up with friends, students were able to learn new exercise moves, talk to a financial advisor, explore essential oils, and cultivate their green thumbs by planting herbs to take home. For students who stopped at the different booths, they were entered for a chance to win a sixty second massage, a diffuser with essential oils, or a salt lamp. Overall, students welcomed the break from studying for exams and came away with new tips on how to improve their health and wellness.

To see more photos from the event, visit the RVU Facebook Page.

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