Rocky Vista University Hosts Emergency Medicine Boot Camp

Rocky Vista University recently held its annual boot camp for students pursuing a residency in Emergency Medicine. The event is a great way to help students prepare for rotations and learn different skills. Advanced practices such as ultrasound techniques were taught and several field-related lectures were given.

One of the mo_DSC3954re practical lectures was delivered by Danika Evans, OMS-IV, on the proper way to present a patient to an attending physician or resident. This valuable skill was later put to use when the students were given the opportunity to practice what they’d learned.

Joshua Smith, OMS-II, was thrilled with the opportunity. “This allowed students to practice presenting a case and get feedback from physicians. Most students thought this was helpful for their future presentations,” he said.

The twenty-five stude_DSC3979nts in attendance were also treated to lunch and participated in Q&A sessions with emergency medical physicians and residents. A presentation on suturing and airway management was also given.

“The entire day included high-quality interaction between students and attendings. Each student got a great perspective into life in emergency medicine,” said SD Smith.

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