RVU-CO Class of 2021 Graduation Awards

While at RVU, graduates from the RVUCOM and MSBS Class of 2021 went above and beyond in their medical and graduate education. During this year’s graduation celebration, the graduates were recognized with awards for academic achievements and extracurricular activities.

Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

President’s Award

Radonis Grissom

MSBS Academic Excellence Award

Erik Melekh

MSBS Humanitarian Award

Sona Seligova

MSBS Service Award

Enriqueta Torres

Graduating with Honors

  • Morgan Ahola
  • Ginelle Goh
  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Ray Villariz

College of Osteopathic Medicine


Jolysa Bosco

President’s Award

William Tyler Crawley

Dean’s Award

Jacob Barnes

Clinical Year Award: Anesthesiology

Jason Scafidi

Clinical Year Award: Emergency Medicine

Ryan Lucas

Clinical Year Award: Family Medicine

Brandie Lawrence

Clinical Year Award: General Surgery

William Tyler Crawley

Clinical Year Award: Internal Medicine

Michal Klepadlo

Clinical Year Award: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Kelsey Boghean

Clinical Year Award: Pediatrics

Michael Murakami

Clinical Year Award: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Joseph Fike

Clinical Year Award: Subspecialty Medicine

Colby Presley

Clinical Year Award: Subspecialty Surgery

Adrian Olson

Excellence in Clinical Medicine Award

Brandie Lawrence

Department Award: Biomedical Sciences

Jolysa Bosco

Department Award: Medical Humanities

Keleka Blair

Department Award: Medical Humanities

Audrey Jaeger

Department Award: Osteopathic Principles and Practice

Reese Beisser

Department Award: Primary Care Medicine

Colleen Maher

Department Award: Research

Jacob Stuppy

Global Service Award

Amanda Andersen

Global Service Award

Sarah Pederson

Military Service Award

Susan Roberts

William G. Anderson Resiliency Award

Keleka Blair

Rural Service Award in Outstanding Academic Excellence

Jolysa Bosco

Rural Service Award in Outstanding Clinical Excellence

Jordan Wilkes

Rural Service Award: Special Recognition

Brandie Lawrence

Rural Service Award: Special Recognition

Blaire Mallahan

Rural Service Award: Special Recognition

Jessica Montalban Bautista

Student Innovation for Excellence Award

Kameron Black

2021 Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award

Presented by: Society of Academic Emergency Medicine

Danielle Glaze

Brandon Trusell Community Service Award

Kelsey Boghean


  • Danielle Glaze, Pre-Doctoral Simulation Fellow
  • Natalie Gould, Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
  • Alexis Grasse, Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
  • Tyler Kolstad
  • Jaron Maggard, Anatomy Fellow
  • Amanda O’Loughlin, Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
  • Alexandra Rakestraw, Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
  • Richard Rodriguez-Brizuela, Anatomy Fellow
  • Christine Seawell, Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
  • Jonathan Singh, Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
  • Dennis Turnbull, Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
  • Andrew Wojtanowski, Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
  • Tylynn Zarbock, Anatomy Fellow

Top 10%

  • Jolysa Bosco
  • Andrea Chernau
  • Kayli Costner
  • William Tyler Crawley
  • Matthew Hammond
  • Garrett Jordan
  • Tesia Kolodziejczyk
  • Brandie Lawrence
  • Keaton Maguire
  • Blaire Mallahan
  • Michael Murakami
  • Adrian Olson
  • Max Raynor
  • Alexandra Rakestraw
  • Jessica Restad
  • Colton Riner
  • Jason Scafidi
  • Andrew Tobler
  • Erin West
  • Tylynn Zarbock

Digital Health Track

Students in the Digital Health Track participate in a diverse array of digital health related medical outreach opportunities during their first two years of medical school.

  • Brandon Bealer
  • Kameron Black
  • Joshua Calvano
  • Joseph Fike
  • Edwin Fundingsland
  • Andrew Glerum
  • Ryan Henschell

Global Medicine Track

The Global Medicine Track equips RVUCOM students to more effectively serve global and underserved communities during their preclinical years.

  • Amanda Andersen
  • Austen Anderson
  • Reese Beisser
  • Gabriel Bensaad-Johnson
  • Nicholas Chapman
  • Jennifer Daniels
  • Martha Gordon
  • Alexis Grasse
  • Michal Klepadlo
  • Alexandra Rakestraw
  • Richard Rodriguez-Brizuela
  • Adrian Olson
  • Sarah Pederson
  • Colby Presley
  • Dane Rana
  • Annie Szmanda
  • Andrew Wojtanowski

Military Medicine Program

Students in this program are slated to enter active duty service with the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines.

  • Ryan Ball
  • Mary Savarese Barnes
  • Richard Bell
  • Nicholas Bittner
  • Joshua Calvano
  • Ryan Carney
  • Nazar Dubchak
  • Gili Edry
  • Bryan Eldreth
  • Elias Leavitt
  • Lorne Muir
  • Karen Norling
  • Hannah Douglas Puentes
  • Karl Riecken
  • Susan Roberts
  • Sarah Szybist
  • Aaron Walker
  • Erin West

Physician Scientist Track

The Physician-Scientist Track is designed to train students and enhance their opportunity to pursue careers in academic medicine. The goal of the track is to increase the number of physician-scientists in all clinical fields.

  • Andrea Chernau
  • William Tyler Crawley
  • Max Raynor
  • Jacob Stuppy
  • Elesa Yihdego

Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track

The Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track allows students to work in a remote setting, with possibly limited tools at hand, and includes a robust extracurricular education of procedural skills in medicine and surgery. The track seeks to foster student interest in eventual medical practice in rural settings.

  • Jacob Barnes
  • Jessica Montalban Bautista
  • Jolysa Bosco
  • Alec Espeland
  • Cyprien Jungels
  • Brandie Lawrence
  • Alissa Lenz
  • Rebecca Mabie
  • Blaire Mallahan
  • Craig Murk
  • Emily Russell Levy
  • Jordan Wilkes

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