RVU Students Find Their Match

Written by Logan Stott, Marketing Assistant

On March 18, medical students across the country celebrated Match Day, an annual event hosted by the National Resident Matching Program during which the results of their applications to residency programs were finally revealed. Due to RVU’s celebration taking place virtually, students received Match Day signs in advance with spaces for them to write in their specialties and residency locations. Combined with a map showcasing residency locations, the soon-to-be graduates were able to share their good news on social media with style.

Taylor Harp, OMS IV, found out she had placed into the Internal Medicine-Dermatology combined residency at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, a competitive five-year program. SD Harp discovered the results of her application live with her fellow students during the virtual celebration. “[It was] announced that only one [osteopathic student doctor] had matched with Internal Medicine-Dermatology this year, and that student was from [RVU],” she says. Her placement into this residency program “took perseverance, a sincere interest in the field, and a lot of networking!”

SD Harp was not the only student at RVU to place into a competitive program. Morgan Ketterling, OMS IV, placed into the Emergency Medicine program at the University of Utah. “It is truly my dream program,” she said. Like SD Harp, SD Ketterling worked hard to make her application stand out from the rest. “Since EM is not a core rotation for students [at RVU], I had to seek out rotations on my own during elective time to be prepared,” she says. She also attended RVU’s Emergency Medicine Bootcamp in the spring and sought out advice from RVU alumni for mentoring throughout the application process.

RVU students also participated in the Military Match and the San Francisco Match, adding to this year’s excellent placement rate which, as of this publication, is 98.5%. The top five specialty programs for RVU students were Family Medicine at the top for both campuses, followed by (in varying order by campus) Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, and Internal Medicine.

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