RVU-SU Class of 2021 Graduation Awards

During the Commencement Ceremony, several COM and MSBS graduates from Class of 2021 were recognized for going above and beyond in their medical education and extra curricular activities.

Master Of Science In Biomedical Sciences

President’s Award

Jarred Brooks

MSBS Academic Excellence Award

Heidi Arreola

MSBS Humanitarian Award

Jessica Perkins

MSBS Service Award

My-Trang Lisa Tran

Graduating with Honors

  • Heidi Arreola
  • Jarred Brooks

College Of Osteopathic Medicine


Anthony Casper

President’s Award

John Evans

Dean’s Award

Jesse Dewey

Clinical Year Award: Anesthesiology

Robert Garrett

Clinical Year Award: Diagnostic Radiology

Ben Memmott

Clinical year Award: Emergency Medicine

Bryan Beaty

Clinical Year Award: Family Medicine

Colson Healy

Clinical Year Award: General Surgery

Austin Horn

Clinical Year Award: Internal Medicine

Julia Winje

Clinical Year Award: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Valerie Martin

Clinical Year Award: Pediatrics

Kaitlin Zuspan

Clinical Year Award: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Taylor Van Leeuwen

Clinical Year Award: Psychiatry

Parker Stocking

Clinical Year Award: Subspecialty Medicine

Jesse Dewey

Excellence in Clinical Medicine Award

Robert Garrett

Department Award: Biomedical Sciences

Anthony Casper

Department Award: Medical Humanities

Stella Chan

Department Award: Medical Humanities

Rachel Leavitt

Department Award: Osteopathic Principles and Practice

Jason Lee

Department Award: Osteopathic Principles and Practice

Sterling Stolle

Department Award: Primary Care Medicine

Bradley McCann

Global Service Award

Parker Stocking

Global Service Award

Kelli Tichy

Military Service Award

Raul Gabriel Betancourt-Perez

William G. Anderson Resiliency Award

Fujiko Matsui

Brandon Trusell Community Service Award

Haley Shumway

Top 10%

  • Jonathan Akstinas
  • Garrett Burgon
  • Ethan Burke
  • Anthony Casper
  • Jesse Dewey
  • Robert Garrett
  • Colson Healy
  • Austin Horn
  • Andrew Hunt
  • Dillon Smith

Academic Medicine and Leadership Track

In the Academic Medicine and Leadership Track, students train to become leaders in academic medicine, medical organizations, and in the overall U.S. healthcare system.

  • Garrett Burgon
  • Jesse Dewey
  • Dallin Elmer
  • Steven Mecham
  • Michael Rees
  • Dillon Smith
  • Joel Speir
  • Christopher Stewart
  • Connor Weisser
  • Jared Wilson

Global Medicine Track

The Global Medicine Track equips RVUCOM students to more effectively serve global and underserved communities during their preclinical years.

  • Trystan Blake
  • Ethan Burke
  • Stephen Cregor
  • Alexander Hetrick
  • Haley Shumway
  • Parker Stocking
  • Kelli Tichy

Long-Term Care Track

This trackprovides students with specialized training and experience in longitudinal medical care, an important specialty given a rapidly aging population and increasing needs for long term care resources.

  • Matthew Brockway
  • Robert Garrett
  • Grace Isaacson
  • Justin Rudd
  • Valerie Martin
  • Ryan Sanchez
  • Taylor Van Leeuwen
  • Julia Winje

Military Medicine Program

Students in this program are slated to enter active duty service with the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines.

  • Emily Anderson
  • Raul Gabriel Betancourt-Perez
  • Jason Corless
  • Austin Gottschalk
  • Tyson Hamilton
  • Taylor Jackson
  • Andrew Kimber
  • Austin Klomp
  • Bradley McCann
  • Colby McWhorter
  • Benjamin Memmott
  • Alexander Ortiz
  • Natalie Pratt
  • Sterling Stolle
  • Jacob Tindle
  • Brandon Trujillo
  • Jordan Valenta
  • Jake Van Weezep

Physician Scientist Track

The Physician-Scientist Track is designed to train students and enhance their opportunity to pursue careers in academic medicine. The goal of the track is to increase the number of physician-scientists in all clinical fields.

  • Keeling McLin
  • Marcus Oliver
  • Kaitlin Zuspan

Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track

The Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track allows students to work in a remote setting, with possibly limited tools at hand, and includes a robust extracurricular education of procedural skills in medicine and surgery. The track seeks to foster student interest in eventual medical practice in rural settings.

  • Jake Allinson
  • Logan Anderson
  • Afshin Edrissi
  • Christopher Gay
  • Andrew Hunt
  • Shannon King
  • Jason Lee
  • Sean O’Shaughnessy
  • Clare Rudman
  • Taylor Sirrine
  • WilliamWhittier

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