RVUCOM-CO Hosts MASH Camp for High Schoolers

Students from local high schools attended the Medical Academy of Science and Health (MASH) Camp on October 12th and 13th at the Colorado campus.

The club officers of Rotary Community Corps of RVU (RCC/RVU) organized the camp: Danielle Coleman, OMS II; Elyssa Goldstein, OMS II; Erin McCartney, OMS I; Brent Nolan, OMS II; Uday Patel, OMS II; Ketav Shah, OMS II; and Gracie Swanberg, OMS II. The camp gives high school students an interactive glimpse into the world of health care and the careers it has to offer. The event was filled with hands-on workshops and included activities like suturing, tourniquets, injections, ultrasound, placing an IV, and a cadaver lab demonstration.

During the injection workshop, students were taught how (and when) to perform intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intradermal injections, with students practicing on oranges and hotdogs.

“I enjoyed getting to see the excitement in eager high school students,” said first-year student Austin Dickerson, who volunteered at MASH Camp as part of both the Internal Medicine Club and the Emergency Medicine Club. “While many of them wanted to eventually get into medicine as a nurse, physician assistant, or physician, some wanted to go into business and were just there because they thought it would be interesting to learn. All of them were so respectful and willing to learn.”

The camp concluded with participants receiving a certificate of completion. “It’s rewarding to see high schoolers so enthusiastic about careers in medicine and knowing we could further develop their interest,” said SD Goldstein.

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