RVUCOM-SU Students “Pay It Forward”

RVUCOM-SU students pose for a photo along Old Highway 91

On a Saturday morning, members of the RVUCOM-SU Sustainability Committee and the Student Government Association teamed up for a trash clean-up event along Old Highway 91. The cleanup was organized by first-year student Madelaine Khosti, who is a founding member of the Sustainability Committee, and in collaboration with the Department of Student Affairs. The cleanup is one of the committee’s Pay-It-Forward projects which aims to care for and celebrate the Ivins, Utah community and its surrounding environment. For the cleanup, students collected nine full bags of trash and recyclables along the one-mile strip. “It was super fun!” said SD Khosti. “I plan on organizing another cleanup [in 2020]. We are so thankful for Ivins!”

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