SGA Hosts the Annual Student and Faculty Awards

One event at the end of the year truly captures the spirit of RVU’s first-and second-year students: the Student and Faculty Awards Ceremony. Sandwiched between skits, games (such as a competitive round of flip cup, sing water, of course), and musical acts, the Student Government Association honored (and roasted) their fellow classmates with awards. These awards ran the gamut from “Most Likely to Be Late with Starbucks” and “Most Likely to Cut Every Nerve and Artery in Dissection” to more serious praise. Students and faculty were recognized with prestigious wards such as the Principles of Clinical Medicine Award (presented to Colleen Maher, OMS III) and the Outstanding Leadership Award (given to Frank Dang, OMS III, and Joseph Nathanson, OMS II).

Attendees were entertained with a musical performance by Ross Tanick, OMS II, and Mayanka Kumar, OMS II, as well as a glowstring performance by Lucas Zornoza, OMS II. When asked about the choice for his musical performance of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys, SD Tanick said he and SD Kumar wanted the whole room to sing along. “It was cathartic, hilarious, and super fun to see everyone in attendance belting out a song together.”

At the Southern Utah campus, awards were presented during the Annual Gala. They recognized first-and second-year students for categories such as “Most Compassionate Student” (Ben Robbins, OMS III, an Margaret Liederback, OMS II) and the “Highest Achievement Award” (Taylor Yancey, OMS III, and Lace Earnshaw, OMS II). Dale Woodbury, PhD, Associate Professor of Structural Medicine, was awarded the “Most Parasympathetic Faculty” award and Lynne Stephenson, MEd, Library Clerk, was recognized as “Staff of the Year.”

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