Simulation Workshop Focuses on Women’s Health and Pediatric Skills

Over the course of three days, third- and fourth-year medical students completed the first SIMS and Skills portion of their intensive Immersion in Fundamentals of Women’s Health and Pediatrics course. Students received hands-on formative and summative skills trainings at the simulation event.

Students on each campus rotated through 36 skills stations, with sessions on breast/gynecology clinics, pediatric IV and ear exams, obstetric ultrasound and cervical dilation, pediatric seizure, newborn/toddler/adolescent exams, surgical skills, operating room etiquette, presenting to an attending, virtual reality pediatric cases, computer quizzes, and more. Additionally, every student gained experience in delivering at least two babies (with and without complications) on the SimMom birthing manikin.

The Office of SIMS would like to thank their entire team of faculty, staff, and assistants across both campuses for their long hours, problem solving, and teamwork. A special acknowledgement to Danielle Glaze, DO ’21, Pre-Doctoral Simulation Fellow, who meticulously developed patient cases, led student debriefs, and provided outstanding instruction throughout the course.

This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue of the Vista View Newsletter, which can be found here.

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