A Day of Celebration During Healthcare Simulation Week


Led by Susan Carter, MD, Director of the Institute for Medical and Surgical Simulation, RVU held a day of celebration on Wednesday, September 19th as part of Healthcare Simulation Week. A global celebration of professionals who use simulation to improve patient safety, the event allowed students, faculty and staff to also learn about the Institute’s accomplishments, as well as current and upcoming projects. For those interested in pre-lunch dessert, cake was also served.

DSC_0012As the only osteopathic medical school to receive accreditation as a Comprehensive Education Institute with the American College of Surgeons, RVU is able to offer cutting-edge technology through the Institute of Medical and Surgical Simulation. Students and surgical residents are able to perform surgery on the Cut Suit® (a human-worn body suit that simulates realistic trauma). The Cut Suit® is also used to simulate disaster scenarios, and often as part of the Intensive Surgical Skills Course which immerses student doctors in realistic, high-stress scenarios, such as an oil rig explosion or active shooter. Common techniques that are taught include suturing, ultrasound, and intubation. The Institute also features the Standardized Patient Lab where students can practice and develop their communication and clinical skills with standardized patients (actors who portray realistic scenarios or symptoms).

Over the years, healthcare simulation has increasingly played a major role in improving patient safety in an array of scenarios, particularly in high-risk medical specialties. Not only does simulation reduce diagnostic and performance errors, it prioritizes and increases patient safety. Its application across a variety of specialties continues to expand with the rapid advancement of simulation technology. When applied to a medical school education, it gives students the opportunity to learn from their mistakes in a controlled environment while boosting their confidence as future medical practitioners.

To view more photos from the event, click here.

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