From One Inaugural MSBS Class to Another

Pioneers. Trailblazers. Changemakers. Innovators. Being a part of a program’s inaugural class can be both exciting and intimidating. While it’s a chance for students to leave behind a lasting legacy and set the stage for those that will come after them, there are challenges that come with being first, the most certain of those challenges being uncertainty.

RVU-SU’s MSBS Class of 2021 is in the unique position of embarking on their graduate studies in a new program at a relatively new campus, and during a year that, in a way, is the first of its kind in human history. In a moment like this, looking to those who have had similar experiences—such as the graduates of RVU-CO’s MSBS Class of 2017—can provide RVU-SU’s inaugural class with some certainty as to their future success in the MSBS program.

John Bouz, OMS IV, Western University of Health Sciences

“RVU’s MSBS program and its comprehensive curriculum helped me to build and strengthen my academic foundation in higher-level science courses; it gave me the knowledge and skills to manage the initial overwhelming amount of information in medical school. As you probably already know, the program offers challenging courses that call on students to develop new study strategies and to diversify their educational resources. My classmates and I often organized group study sessions a few times a week to review class material and to help each other with any confusing concepts. We often came up with mnemonics together and quizzed each other. Depending on the class, I used Anki, SketchyMedical, or YouTube videos to supplement the class material and help me memorize it. I think finding what works for you and trying to perfect that study routine for each class is key and something that should be worked on early in the process.”

Jessica Montalban, OMS IV, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

“As a new graduate student in a school where there were previously only medical students, I felt a little out of place on my first day. I soon discovered that this was a feeling shared amongst all of my classmates. Though we came from a variety of backgrounds, we were on the same unique path with many of us having had similar struggles prior to enrolling. As students in a new program, there are bound to be struggles along the way. Always remember that anything you may be thinking, feeling, or experiencing is also felt by those in your class. You are not alone. Being part of a smaller class size where everyone is tackling the high demands of academics together will help you create bonds that you never thought possible. Lean on your classmates when you need to and they, in turn, will do the same. Although it may be tough at times, know that these struggles will also make you stronger in the long run.”

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