Class of 2020 Graduation Awards

During the virtual Commencement Ceremony, several COM and MSBS graduates from Class of 2020 were recognized for going above and beyond in their medical education and extra curricular activities. Here are the list of winners:


  • Anatomy CO: Erika Anderson and Shreyash Pradhan
  • Anatomy SU: Carson Ence and Neal Ferrin
  • OPP CO: Zeke Clemmens, Samuel Hart, Jacob Pearson, and Melanie White
  • OPP SU: Jordan Heser, Whitney Liehr, Amanda Wolf, and Aaron Yearsley

Department Awards

  • Biomedical Sciences: Krysta Sutyak
  • OPP: Elizabeth Stoll
  • PCM: Brent Fowler
  • Medical Humanities: Mary Rountree

Rural Service Awards

  • Outstanding Academic Excellence: Charlotte Ballantine and Danielle Lattes
  • Outstanding Clinical Excellence: Iris Burgard
  • Special Recognition: Elizabeth Stoll and Tara Bjorklund

Clinical Year Awards

  • Anesthesiology: Alexander Wilkins
  • Diagnostic Radiology: Rohindeep Singh
  • Emergency Medicine: Iman Isayli and Jordan Price
  • Family Medicine: Elizabeth Stoll
  • General Surgery: Krysta Sutyak
  • Internal Medicine: Mia Nevala
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology: Natalie Poliektov
  • Pediatrics: Amanda Wolf
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Melanie White
  • Psychiatry: Bransen Guild
  • Subspecialty Medicine: Kate Wilcox
  • Subspecialty Surgery: Jibran Khan
  • Excellence in Clinical Medicine: Natalie Poliektov

Global Service Award: Krysta Sutyak

Military Service Award: Holly Spitzer and Cameron Lindemann

Excellence in Research Award: Natalie Poliektov

Brandon Trusell Community Service Award: Hayden Springer

William G. Anderson Resiliency Award: Brent Wilkinson and Bryce Bunn

Donna Jones Moritsugu Memorial Award: Christina Clemmens

CSOM Award: Jibran Khan

Valedictorian: Krysta Sutyak

Dean’s Award: Mia Nevala

President’s Award: Neal Ferrin

MSBS Humanitarian Award: Vladimir Cardenas Colmenares

MSBS Service Award: Stephanie Gedney

MSBS Academic Excellence Award: Adrianna Hammack

MSBS President’s Award: Erin Herbstova

Rural and Wilderness Track

  • Branden Anderson
  • Charlotte Ballentine
  • Tara Bjorklund
  • Tanner Bond
  • Iris Burgard
  • Zeke Clemmens
  • Brady Hansen
  • Madisen Janssen
  • Rachel Landin
  • Danielle Lattes
  • Adela Miller
  • Jordan Price
  • Kristin Raguindin
  • Ryan Shillingburg
  • Elizabeth Stoll
  • Kate Wilcox

Global Medicine Track

  • Kiara Blough
  • Austin Forbes
  • Jordan Heser
  • Jenna Hoobler
  • Torri Igou
  • Kaia Jystad
  • Alexandra Lee
  • Shreyash Pradhan
  • Rohindeep Singh
  • Krysta Sutyak
  • Kayla Vanderkooi
  • Roxana Valles
  • Matthew Zemel

Military Track

  • Nolan Andres
  • Corin Archuleta
  • Joshua Bradford
  • Charles Curtis
  • Marco Grieco
  • Jenna Hoobler
  • Yiqei Jiao
  • Kaia Jystad
  • Michelle Kautz
  • Cameron Lindemann
  • Andrew Mason
  • Steven Prueitt
  • William Robinson
  • Holly Spitzer
  • Parker Spriggs
  • Hayden Springer
  • Peter Stacy
  • Christopher Wilkinson
  • Tina Wilson

Physician Scientist Track

  • Bryce Bunn
  • Cicily Hummer
  • Caitlin Porter-Smith
  • Natalie Poliektov
  • Binh Pham

Top 10%

  • Sara Andrews
  • Charlotte Ballantine
  • Sidney Dungan
  • Carson Ence
  • Neal Ferrin
  • Austin Forbes
  • Bransen Guild
  • Shannon Hall
  • Jenna Hoobler
  • Michelle Kautz
  • Jibran Khan
  • Mia Nevala
  • Natalie Poliektov
  • Elizabeth Stoll
  • Krysta Sutyak
  • Bayan Vojdani
  • Matthew Zemel

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