MSBS Votes on Class Awards

Co-written by Courtney Arndt, Administrative Assistant for MSBS Program

Even though we are all working and studying at home, this did not stop the MSBS Program from getting together at a virtual awards ceremony to celebrate the excellence we have seen this year. “In this time of chaos and uncertainty, you continue to rise to the challenge academically and professionally,” said Francina Towne, PhD, Director of the MSBS Program, as she spoke to students. “This time has also highlighted an aspect of your character that will go on to serve you well as you move forward toward healthcare education and practice…and that is your resilience.”

The ceremony then moved on to honoring the class with a presentation of the following awards: The MSBS Humanitarian Award was awarded to Vladimir Cardenas Colmenares, a student who exemplifies the qualities of graciousness and humility, advocates for social justice, and works for the betterment of all members of his community.

The MSBS Service Award was awarded to Stephanie Gedney (pictured at left) after a vote by the MSBS Committee. She gave an outstanding contribution to the class through her leadership, character, collaboration, and service in their curricular and co-curricular endeavors. Stephanie serves in the SGA as the MSBS Secretary and is known for reaching out through coursework or collegiality to classmates who need assistance.

The MSBS Dean’s Academic Excellence Award was awarded to Adrianna Hammack (pictured at right), for her demonstrated academic excellence. The MSBS Committee voted to award this to Adrianna, who asks thought-provoking questions in every lecture and has even been known for looking like “the wheels are turning in her head” as she listens intently to everything.

The MSBS President’s Award was awarded to Erin Herbstova, an outstanding student that embodies the University’s core values of integrity, collegiality, compassion, diversity, excellence, service, and innovation. The MSBS Committee unanimously chose Erin, the current MSBS President.

MSBS Celebrates End-of-Year Toast

by Courtney Arndt, Administrative Assistant for MSBS Program

Due to the global pandemic, the MSBS Program was unable to hold their annual graduation party. This was incredibly disappointing news, but the MSBS Program was able to get creative and come up with their own Virtual Toast Party. During the Virtual Toast Party, MSBS students and faculty got together to celebrate the successes of the MSBS students. The MSBS Class President, Erin Herbstova, worked with her team to create fun superlatives for every student in the MSBS Program. The students even created superlatives for their MSBS Tutors; some were able to attend the event even though they were still in their academic year.

Dr. Clinton Adams and Dr. Thomas Told congratulated the MSBS Class of 2020 on a successful year and left the students with wonderful advice on their future academic and career paths. To conclude the event, an “End of the Year” video was streamed to show all the fun the students had in the program before and during quarantine.

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