Research Appreciation Day: Winners and Director’s Award

The almost day-long Research Appreciation Day kicked off on Tuesday, November 10th with a presentation from various professors at RVU about why research is important and how students can utilize RVU resources to start their own projects.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Rick Kennedy with the Mayo Clinic, discussed, among many things, the importance of vaccines, personalized vaccinology, and what we can expect of the soon-to-be available COVID-19 vaccines. His wealth of knowledge on the subject was greatly appreciated by students and faculty alike.

Students then presented research projects well into the night with faculty giving notes and comments on the presentations. The event culminated with an awards ceremony recognizing the winners for Best Oral Presentation and Best Poster Presentation. Prizes were as follows: first place received $400; second place $275; third place $150, and the Director’s Award of $250.

Poster Presentation

First Place: Daniel Sullivan, OMS III; Jacob King, OMS II; Telyn Peterson, OMS III; Courtney Shill-Russel, OMS III; and Dr. James Small, Associate Professor of Pathology, for “A Comparison of the Bouquet Speculum and Traditional 2-Blade Speculum.”

Second Place: Mitchell Allen, OMS II; Bryan Daines, OMS III; Blake McKinley, OMS III; Kayd Pulsipher, OMS III; Dr. Isain Zapata, Assistant Professor of Research & Statistics; and Dr. Ben Wilde, Vice Chair of the Department of Primary Care Medicine for “The Evolution of Anxiety and Depression Among Medical Students.”

Third Place: Shane Hyde, OMS II; Ryan Henschell, OMS IV; Dallas Steiner, OMS III; Nicole Snyder, OMS II ; Jeremy Bergman, OMS II; Sean Charczenko, OMS II; Edwin Fundingsland, OMS IV; and Dr. Regan A Stiegman, Co-Director of the Digital Health Track for “An Assessment of eHealth & Health Literacy in Digital Health Research Involving Patients with Chronic Disease: A Literature Review.”

Oral Presentation

First Place: Anna Jacobs, OMS I, for “Impact of in vivo CSH RNA interference on placental vascularity regulators.”

Second Place: Lacie Phibbs, OMS II, for ” Epigenetic histone modifications at the center of the Barker hypothesis and their transgenerational implications.”

Third Place: Kalvin Zee, OMS III, et al., for “Quantitative Ultrasound to Assess Adult Tendons.”

Directors Choice

Blake McKinley, OMS III, for “The Rash That Progresses to Be a Life-Threatening Illness.”

Other presentations and details about the event can be found in the program here.

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