Research Takes the Stage During Dedicated Week

Written by Logan Stott

Created as a way to showcase the research produced at RVU throughout the year, a dedicated week—aptly called Research Week—saw many student and faculty applicants present their findings, compete for mentorships and cash prizes, and receive critical attention and feedback on their efforts.

One event, Shark Week, featured 16 applicants who introduced a research pitch to a panel of “sharks”—Professor Jensen Fisher, Dr. Jan Pryor, Dr. Rebecca Ryznar, and Dr. K. Dean Gubler—in the hopes of acquiring a mentor and/or funding. Every group that presented received at least one mentorship from a shark and some even won cash prizes. Among the largest cash prizes awarded were: Emilie Mathura, OMS III, who received $1,000 for her research pitch on polycystic ovarian syndrome; Sunhee Jung, OMS II, and Rachel Abercrombie, OMS II, who received $1,000 for their research pitch on underserved populations. Tanner Morris Roberts, OMS II, Miranda Monarrez, OMS I, Sharon Ke, OMS I, and Jordan Jones, OMS II, received $500 for their research pitch on laryngeal mask versus endotracheal tube for airway management, and another $500 for their research pitch on virtual reality. Mallory Thompson, OMS I, Melissa Brown, OMS I, and Julia Fernane, OMS I, received $950 for their research pitch on diabetes.

On Research Day, students and faculty gave oral and poster presentations via Zoom. A panel of judges graded their performances and the research itself, offering up the following awards:

Oral Presentation

  • 1st Place Presentation: Anthony Tran, OMS III, Thien Ngo, OMS I, Tanner Morris Roberts, OMS II, Jackson Holmgren, OMS II, and Eric Ko, OMS II; Quantitative Ultrasound to Assess Neck Somatic Dysfunction
  • 2nd Place Presentation: Erin Robbins, OMS I; ABHD14B Inhibition Reduces Expression of Profibrotic Markers Involved in Cardiac Fibrosis
  • 3rd Place Presentation and Director’s Choice Award Oral Presentation: Adelene Morrow, OMS II, Rachel McCann, OMS IV, Dr. Isain Zapata, and Dr. Benjamin Brooks; Analysis of Treatment Guidelines for Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Nausea/Vomiting of Pregnancy

Poster Presentation

  • 1st Place Presentation: Ashley Hooper, OMS IV, Dr. David Ross, Michael Lowe, OMS IV, Emily Mack, OMS IV, and Emily Schultz, OMS IV; How Does the Rate of Buprenorphine Prescribed in Rural Colorado Counties Compare to Those in Urban Colorado Counties When Treating Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy?
  • 2nd Place Presentation: Stephanie Bradford, MPAS ‘21, and Dr. Lise Johnson; Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Seasonal Influenza Vaccination
  • 3rd Place Presentation: Theodore Sheehan, OMS I; Benzodiazepine Administration Patterns Before Second-Line Medications in Pediatric Refractory Convulsive Status Epilepticus

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